maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

The Challenge: #2 UFO

Fabric: Blue polyester and who knows what the lining is...

Pattern: Reconstructing history

Year: 1780

Notions: This is a mock-up but my hubby wantes to have it - the waistcoat in the picture was made a while ago and this outfit almost had matching breeches (same fabric as the waistcoat), but I totally manages to destroy them...

How historically accurate is it? Just the pattern

Hours to complete: Total time 2 h + plus covering those buttons

First worn: Not yet and I hope never...

Total cost: fabric 8 € :-D + buttons

Takki on valmis, mutta en ole siihen yhtään tyytyväinen - seuraavaan tulee siis tehdä suuria muutoksia. Kaikkein inhottavinta tässä työssä oli kuitenkin kangas, joka oli helppoa ommella, mutta inhoittavaa käsitellä. Niin valtavan muovisen tuntuista. No, hintakin oli 2 €/ m, joten ei voi valittaa - pukuhan on kokonaisuudessaan harjoitusversio, joten eipä väliä, vaikkei niin onnistunut olekaan.

The frock coat is ready, but I'm not at all satisfied with it. The next coat will have some serious changes. The most annoying thing doing the coat was the fabric, sure it was easy to cut and sew, but it was so plastic-like if felt awful. Well. the fabric cost 2 €/m, so I can't complain and after all, this whole outfit is a mock up, so it's no big deal it isn't so well done.

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