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HSF'14 Challenge # 2

 Innovation - regency underdrawers

..."to celebrate the way inventions, introductions and discoveries have inpacted fashion, make an item that reflects the newest innovations in you era....

Underdrawers, Unterhosen, Calecons, Lårfoder, Kalsonger, Kalsongit, Alushousut

- so I totally got lost in translation!!

This challenge is based on these blogs

And the big source is of course the finnish study of the 18th century clothing by R. Pylkkänen

In short - decent women have used underdrawers earlier, but mainly with riding habit or if it got really gold (winters). But in the regency era underdrawers started to become a normal thing to wear...

I wanted to do these, but since this was one day job in case my real ch.#2 wouldn't make it, I had to choose a simple version, since there wasn't time for that hardanger embroidery.


So instead I picked up  something shocking to do. I decided to try this kind of underdrawers though I have no evidence that this kind of trousers were ever used here in Finland. But they looked so horrible that I had to try.... The pictury is Mantua Maker's pattern, but I drafted my own - perhaps not so hist.acc. but horrible anyway.

Regency Underwear Sewing Pattern: Pantalettes Historical Pattern - 1810-4

I used cotton fabric, linen thread (and wax) and cotton ribbon. I cut two pieces and hand sewd all. The lacethingy in the botton of the drawers is not hist. acc. for this time period, but I had that lacey ribbon around and thought they should have at least something nice...

I have never ever worn anything this arrogant, immodest, indecent thing. I guess it's obvious why they are only seen  on my dress form.....

Vendela maid getting dressed

A cap - a linen cap, hand sewn with linen thread

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