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HSF'14 Challenge # 3 Pink

"Make something pink!.... So, in choosing inspiration for your pink item, and your pink materials, you’ll have to use your own discretion to decide if your colour is a shade of pink, and if that pink would have been appropriate to your timeperiod and the status of the wearer, as such things matter to you..."

Did I already say it - I hate pink. It really makes me physically sick, it can make me womit.... But I did try anyway....

I started with an old duvet cover I found at my mother's attic (she would have never ever use it). It was double size so I thought it would be great to  have as an under petticoat for my grand Court Ensemble. And I really tried. I got to the point where the waist band was sewn and it was all hemmed (by hand) but then I couldn't take it anymore. It was just too much pink! This is what I got.... and then I stopped.

I had already been planning making some kind of summer stays (18th c.). Not so historically accurate but more like not so hot and warm. So I thought why not to use this pink cotton sateen for that. And I already had the reed/cane (I really don't know what the material is...) so I started sewing it. By sewing machine of course since I was running out of time (I got still one week for the due day). This time it was not so the pink fabric but the more awful fuchsia-pink thread I was using that got me sick. So I took all the boning off and throwed it in the wastebasket. 

At this time the due day was far gone but I wasn't going to give up. So yesterday I decided to make a little reticule using that same duvet cover. And to add some goth in me I used black as well. I have never seen any black used in reticule (unless they were used with a mourning dress) but I did it anyway. It is all hand sewn. I made the pink Challenge!!

What the item is: A regency reticule

The Challenge: # Pink

Fabric: Pink cotton sateen duvet cover

Pattern: drafted by me (used many many examples from different museums)

Year: 1810's

Notions: pinkish thread (poly thread I quite sure), black silk thread, poly sateen ribbon, cotton embroidery thread

How historically is it: Cotton was used in reticules, hand sewed, silk tassels, the pattern is not so far off

Hours to complete: Closing Ceremony of the Olympics

First worn: I am afraid I will never use it

Total cost: All stash

Vendela maid getting dressed

A linen neckerchief, hand sewed with linen waxed thread

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