keskiviikko 1. tammikuuta 2014

Challenge 26: Celebrate!

The Challenge #26: Celebrate! 
This is the way to celebrate this year in a manner that I made 23 challenges out of 26 - ok, some were very tiny things but now it's like a clean table to start all over - with a naked person needing something to wear... so, next year, every time I make something for me (or to someone real person) I'll do something for this little doll and I hope she'll be all dressed in the end of 2014 (and she will be a peasant girl).

Fabric: cotton

Pattern: my own

Year: 18th century

Notions: thread (cotton if I remember correct), cotton yarn for the hair

How historically accurate is it? they did have this kind of rag dolls, so it can't be totally wrong

Hours to complete: just a few ( after I finally got the doll's shape the way I wanted it)

First worn: ;-D

Total cost: all stash

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