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Challenge #18: Re-make, re-use, re-fashion


Because I really need something to wear in Leipzig I will make a livkjol (bodice skirt or something like that). They have been used in Nordic countries at least from the end of the 18th century so it'll do nicely for the year 1813. I'm not sure though if only young girls used them, but hey, isn't forty the new twenty....

I wanted it to be very plain and simple and found two extant dresses to follow...

But since I seem to be very keen with the v-shape at the back, I made it so. Otherwise I tried to make it look like the originals... BUT since I quess I have more "material" at the front of me I had to make the bodice part a bit longer....

The Challenge: #18: Re-make, re-use, re-fashion - Livkjol

Fabric: Re-using an old tablecloth, it feels and looks like linen, but I can't be 100% sure. But is home woven, so it must be natural fibres anyway. When I bought it, it had this attic-smell, and though I washed it there is still a bit of that smell left.

Pattern: Drafted, following those original dresses

Year: Early 19th century

Notions: Off-white linen thread (I'm closing the bodice now with pins, but I may add some hooks and eyes later)

How historically accurate is it? The fabric should be quite accurate, the pattern is ok, hand sewn BUT I have a little problem wearing it with my age - but if it gets hot at the cooking fire, it will be a wonderful thing to wear

Hours to complete: just few evenings

First worn: not yet

Total cost: 5 € for the table cloth

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