keskiviikko 11. syyskuuta 2013

Challenge #17: Robes and robings

Medieval monk's robe - twice - not my period, but a little jump to the past time....

The outfit includes robe, hood, jute rope, a little bag (not seen in the picture), cross and a wig - cross was bought as it is, but I made the wig using a "bold" wig and some doll hair... not perfect but was good enough for the photo...

Fabric: fake wool fabric (even the fabric seller didn't know what kind of fabric it was... but it was cheap!)

Pattern: mixing all the monk robe patterns found by google 

Year: about 800-900 Anno Domini

Notions: brown poly thread, jute rope

How hist. acc: ok, this is a costume not a historical outfit... 

Hours to complete: 2 h/ outfit - yes, there is one more... and it's just like this one, only a little bigger

First worn: just for the photoshoot, but will be worn (perhaps) by both men in 28th September at a medieval fair

Total cost: 20 €/ outfit (10 € for the fabric, 10 € for the robe, cross and the wig)

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