keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

The Challenge: #14 Eastern Influence

The banyan was made to be worn both sides  - red and green. Sadly he doesn't like either side :-DD

Fabric: Faux silk (green) and faux wool damask (wool-poly-blend)

Pattern: Leloir's pattern for Robe de Chambre with some ghanges..

Year: about 1730's

Notions: Red and green thread

How historically accurate is it? The banyan pattern is correct, and the cap - though my own pattern - could be so correct too. Fabrics are not accurate (yet they look ok), and I used a sewing machine the whole time.

Hours to complete: One day

First worn: just for the photo shoot and perhaps never again. He just felt very stupid wearing the outfit  :-DD

Total cost: I bought the green fabric for 15 €, the rest is from my stash

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