keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

The Challenge: # 13 Lace and lacing

Fabric: cotton all (3) layers

Pattern: Simplicity 3635 - so I'm stucked with those simplicity patterns, but they are so easy when in a hurry

Year: 18th century - on me it looks more like late 18th century even close to 1790's because it's all too short for me and it's very low at the front

Notions: self dyed aqva bias binding, aqva linen tape, cable ties, aqva cotton /or was it poly) thread

How historically accurate is it? Yet again, it look ok, and it's needed next weekend so I was in a hurry - machine sewn except for binding and lacing holes and that linen tape

Hours to complete: ??? 10 h ????

First worn: Will be next weekend and not by me, but you won't see it ;-)

Total cost: all from stash, but if I bought all now it could cost even 50 €

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