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Challenge #6: Fairytale

A sort-of-viking costume for a young man this challenge, imagine your favourite fairytale in a specific timeperiod, and make a historical garment from the fairytale... http://the

I liked this painting and the giant in it so much that I wanted to do an outfit inspired by it. But due to advices of many wonderful people who know a lot more (I know nothing) about medieval and pre-medieval clothing, I tried to make it a little more historically accurate than in that picture.

Fabric: some sort of cottonblend for the tunic, trousers and shirt are heavy linen

Pattern: after googling a lot I made my own pattern for the tunic, but thank you all you swedesh viking age experts for sharing your knowledge. Shirt is patterned after some exempels the others have made, but I'm not sure if they had it correct either.... Trousers are so called Thorsberg trousers and I used the pattern found in here

Year: pre 1200's

Notions: poly thread for the tunic, cotton thread for the linen

How historically accurate is it?
Era? I have no idea of the real era (if there really even is one for this outfit, I'm sure it's a huge mix of different eras and pure fantasy)
Tunic? The tunic pattern should be at least a little bit ok, materials and sewing not, but I hand sewed those black fabrics in the collar and wrists and in the hem.
Shirt? Let's just leave it.... it's no good and that's it
Trousers? Thorsberg trousers are historically accurate, but I used sewing machine, cotton thread and I didn't do those foot-parts/ socks-parts (what ever they are called)

Hours to complete: just few days

First worn: not yet, in this picture it's on me so it looks a little different than on my stepson... the outfit was done in time but I waited for him to come home for the weekend so I could take pictures, but that young man had other plans ;-D

Total cost: all stash (tunic material was almost free when I bought it, but linen is in at least here in Finland quite expensive

Vendela maid getting dressed

Two aprons

Linen apron, pleated to waist, cotton waist band, little embroidery too (I don't know it's english name), all hand sewn with bee waxes linen thread

Cotton printed apron, cotton waist band, hand sewn with cotton thread, dyeing the fabric didn't work the way wanted - have to tea stain it darker

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