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Challenge #5: Bodice

A loose jacket, or a short gown or a bedgown - in finnish nuttu and in swedish kofta (lifkåfta)

...make a bodice - a garment that covers the upper body...

Fabric: blue printed cotton on pale beige - lining poly-cotton

Pattern: basic "nuttu/ kofta" pattern used in Finland (I suppose in Sweden too)

Year: later half of the 18th century

Notions: linen thread and some wax

How historically accurate is it? The printing is not block printing but I found a jacket that has a little similarity (, of course the poly-part of the lining is not ha. The jacket is all hand sewed

Hours to complete: about 9 hours including making the pattern (again - why oh why do I not save them!!!)

First worn: not yet

Total cost: all from stash

The pattern: a basic kimono sleeved pattern used at least here in Finland from (at least) 1670's . So you'll have to only sew back and side seams. Sleeves can be quite long or short, I made mine now long.

I sewed back and side seams with running stiches (and a back stich now and then to secure) and then I top stitched the seam with back stitches.

My hand stitching skills are getting much much better!! Not perfect yet, But I'll try to get there...

Both fabrics are very very thin so you can see the blue pattern even through the lining. But since it's so thin, this jacket is perfect for a hot summer days

The jacket is loose at the front but the quite tight at the back - and of course my dress form doesn't have the right shape...

 The jacket is closed with pins, but it could be closed with silk ribbons, and it may be that I'll add the ribbons if I find the right coloured ribbons

And I managed to make-do this skirt too. I made it last summer while in a 18th c military camp and I stupidly pinned the parts around the fire, so I couldn't see which was the right side and which not. So I ended uo sewing front panel not only inside out but also upside down. And since the fabric is cotton sateen, it really did matter. But now it's fixed!

Vendela maid getting dressed

Cotton skirt, pleated all around to the same direction. The skirt is closed front with linen yarn. This skirt should absolutely be wool, but the Ikea fabric was now what I had at hand. All hand sewed with bee waxed linen thread.

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