sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2013

The Challenge #5 Peasants and pioneers

Fabric: Shirt, apron, head scarf linen, kerchief cotton, vest (bodice), skirt and pocket perhaps cotton (I really don't know)

Pattern: Finnish national costume patterns for the shirt, the rest is my own doings...

Year: early 19th century

Notions: Self-made brooch for closing the shirt, linen thread for linen fabrics and cotton threads for the rest, hooks and eyes for the bodice

How historically accurate: Bodice, skirt and pocket are machine sewn and the fabric is ???. All linen parts are hand sewn and are totally historically accurate.

Hours to complete: Every spare time in this two week period. It means the house is a mess, kids are starving, hubby is not so happy.... :-)

First worn: I'll try to put it on this afternoon and get some picture in it.

Total cost: All the fabrics are old and I don't remember what I have paid for them

And the outfit on me:

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