torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2015

HSM'15 Challenge 4 - War & Peace

... Make something that shows the effects of war, or of extended peace....

Well, I made a costume for a masquerade ball..... and I based it very very very loosly on that Greuze's painting

What the item is (and how it is a product of war or a lenghty period of peace: Ok, I'm streching the lines here but: Turkey and France weer allies in the 18th century so I guess it was one of the reasons why it was so fashionable to wear turkish style clothes - well, in my country we suffered a lot of every single turkish-russian wars almost the whole century....

The Challenge: War and peace

Fabric: turquoise lyocell and peach polyester duchesse satin

Pattern: Levite 1785-1795

Year: Late 18th century

Notions: Poly thread, fake fur, red belt "ribbon" - very thick ribbon

How historically is it) 1 %?? The reason I made this COSTUME was the masquerade I went last week and needed an outfit, fast. I wanted to test this levite pattern too and this was a good reason. But I am not sure the pattern is historically accurate, at least it was very modern-like. The robe a l'anglaise is perhaps cut like a historically accurate, but I took every short cut I could find... And lyocell 200 years too early, even the poly satin would be more historically accurate :-)

Hours to complete: 5 hours!!! including everything - but I don't know if the costume would last another night... very poorly made....

First worn: Sat 25th April

Total cost: absolutely everything from my stash and very very old ones so I just don't know

Kuvat Johanna Talso

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