maanantai 23. maaliskuuta 2015

HSM'15 Challenge 3 - Stashbusting

What the item is: two pairs of woollen mitts, long and short ones

The Challenge: 3 Stashbusting

Fabric: 100 % wool yarn

Stashed for how long: 4-5 years, the yarn was meant for my 14 th c dress (to tablet weave the edges) - well, the dress is still waiting for those edges, actually even the dress is still a stash fabric...

Pattern: my own, but of course I googles a lot

Year: 18th c/ early 19th c

Notions: None

How historically is it? - Fairly, but they existed :-D. The yarn is 100 % wool, but of course modern type (not self spun or dyed), I haven't seen any patterns/ motifs but I just had to add because it was otherwise so boring to do... I used size 2,5 mm knitting needles, so they are huge to what tehy should be. I just started another pair (red ones this time) with size 0,75 mm but that may be too much (or in this case too little) for me... yet another ufo on it's way...

Hours to complete: a weekend watching tv (all the skiing competitions) - but I did do and undo a lot!

First worn: just for the photos

Total cost: no idea, but I used under 200 g yarn

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