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Challenge #23: Generosity & Gratitude

A housewife/ hussif - well, more than just one....

What is a 18th century housewife/ hussif? - read it here - thanks to that site I could do mine so close to real one as I can.

These hussifs have a pin cushions filled with real unwashed sheep fleece (and that's gonna smell if it gets wet - but it should keep the nails from rusting, and I bet it's not the worst smell in soldier's life), a pocket with thread winders - there are black thin, unbleached thin and unbleached thick linen threads + a piece of bee wax, an a pocket (with a flap) for extra or loose buttons. The bias tape is made from the same fabric and is cut lengthwise.

Fabric: cotton

Pattern: Actually my own, but there are so many different styles

Year: 18th century

Notions: linen thread, unwashed sheep fleece

How historically accurate is it? Should be real close

Hours to complete: just a few for all three

First worn: not yet

Total cost: all from stash

But that was not all... I did also a lady version too, though this time not so period way.... and these are "empty" so who ever gets these, can fill the pocket anyway she likes ;-D

These are all made from a floral cotton with a normal cotton bias tape. 
There was actually one with red bias tape too, but it's already in a new home. 

There's a little detachable/removable pin cushion in the bottom pocket. And I used there some poly stuffing, because the sheep smell is not very nice in a lady's hands...

And gratitude - thank to This site was basically the starting point of this madness, since...

It didn't stop there.... my hubby needed one too - to use as a wallet (since I do all the sewing anyway) and I made two versions for a reason I really don't know (or the first one was totally ugly). But this is how they look like...

These both have four plain pockets and one pocket with a buttoned flap. All the pockets are just right size for credit cards so he can carry all his cards with him where ever we go (for example fabric stores....)

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