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18th c. Court Ensembles

So I'm mad enough to try to do a dress - and a big one - following the fashion plate. My "reading" skills or should I say my eye-sight is not so good I could see all the things in the picture, so any help will be very much appreciated. And since I don't know all the terms in english nor french (ok, not in finnish either), I'm quite sure I will be totally lost at some point. But that's not new to me :-)

The dress I'm going to try to do is this:

Thanks to Ida I already know what it says in finnish, only if I could understand what it meant.....

What I see in the picture (please correct if I'm totally blind or misunderstanding)

- Robe a la francaise
- Black silk taffeta
- Gray silk gauze
- White shift with plain engageantes
- White long silk gloves (I know this is one point I'll cheat)
- Black silk kerchief (looks like a hanging rope to me....)
- Stomacher (black silk taffeta) with gray gauze bow - but what is under the bow? More bows??? and then there seems to be some kind of horizontal trim at the top of the stomacher, but is it pleated or ruched...
- I'll get back to that gray stuff on the dress and the petticoat later.... it's giving me a headache already for staring it so close, and hey, I won't even start doing this until January....

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